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Freddie Moreno

Coach Freddie got into fitness after spending 8 years in the Heating and Air continuing trades. During that time he realized that his lifestyle of eating fast food and not working out would lead to an unhappy life. Seeing the other employees near retiring, but not in good health made him take action (and a chance) by quitting a well paying union job.

He went off trying to run his own business and started working out at a local gym. He was still not eating all that well, instead of fast food he was eating “chicken helper” and a lot of other packaged foods.

He realized he had no idea what to do! So he invested in himself! He saw an ad in a coupon clipper. It was 2 months of personal training for $1100. It came out to $43.25 a session at 3x a week. It was the best money he had ever spent because he learned so much and got into the best shape of his life!

The only problem was $550 a month was not in his budget for the longterm so he eventually went back to the old routine and lost the momentum he had gained.

After doing research on the best training programs, he found Training For Warriors. He was amazed at the content and workouts on YouTube. After that he bought all the books they had to offer and did their training programs. He loved the program so much that he went ahead and took the Level 1 and Level 2 Training for Warriors courses to become an official instructor.

He believed in his heart to help people go through the same transformation that he went through so opening a gym was the natural next move.

He knew that exercise is only one component of seeing results, eating right is the other half of the battle.

Since TFW Elgin is about transforming clients lives he knew they needed nutrition counseling, but not just from a general nutritionist, he wanted to bring in the highest level nutrition professional available. This is when he brought in an RD (Registered Dietitian).

He knew that anyone can be certified in a very short time and call themselves a “nutritionist” but a Registered Dietitian has a 4 year degree in nutrition followed by a 1 year internship in the field of nutrition.

So now Coach Freddie knows deep in his soul he is bringing the best training and nutrition counseling for a fraction of the price to the Elgin, Illinois area.